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From seaworthy packing to customs clearance

Provided that everything is within a normal range, goods are sent by sea in standardised containers. Often enough, though, project logistics involve somewhat unusual shipments, including heavy cargo or transports according to a strict schedule. PPS takes charge of all areas of fulfilment in both cases, from seaworthy packing and securing the cargo to obtaining permits and customs clearance. For us, successful cooperation builds on detailed transport planning in close consultation with the customer. Our terminal on Schilfstrasse provides a wide variety of options for professional fulfilment, including an operational rail connection. From forklift trucks with built-in scales to mobile overhead cranes, we ensure that your whole project proceeds efficiently.

Our services for your project shipments

Safe transports in the area of project shipments require pin-point planning and a careful approach. Our team is specialised in delivering the following services:

Fulfilment of complex heavy cargo

These goods are excessively heavy or so bulky and large that they cannot fit into standard containers. So we prepare detailed transport plans if they simply cannot be dismantled.

Intermediate storage

Transport goods can be placed in intermediate storage in our warehouses, both for import and international shipments. Of the 30,000 m² of space at PPS, our halls account for 8,300 m², with another 750 m² of covered outdoor areas.

Seaworthy packing

There are particular challenges associated with the packaging of individual goods for heavy cargo. Not only do we provide suitable packaging according to ISPM 15, we also take care of all customary preservation methods.

Customs clearance

We are in close contact with the authorities to ensure that your project goods are imported and exported in compliance with customs law. As operators of a type C bonded warehouse and an authorised consignee, we are entitled to accept goods under the T1, T2 and TIR carnet transit procedures.

Professional export packing by experts

By rail, in trucks or on water – the question of how goods are packed is an important factor in ensuring their safe transport. What counts is to protect the goods from damage and to prevent injuries to persons involved in the process. Moreover, goods are exposed to particular stress during sea transport due to moisture, salty air or heat. We pack your goods according to ISPM 15 and based on the HPE standard.

Each item of export cargo must first arrive at our premises and be unloaded from the train or truck. Our halls have special equipment for this purpose, which keeps the waiting times for truck drivers as short as possible.

Highest standards for project logistics in Hamburg

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