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Not everything in life is standard – and this applies to sea freight as well. Standard container dimensions were introduced to keep the transport of goods as efficient as possible. Transports therefore take place according to global rules. But things are never that easy, and not every transport will fit into the standard dimensions of sea containers – and it is not always possible or profitable to take each part to pieces. These consignments are called out of gauge shipments.

At our location in Schilfstraße, we have the best equipment for loading these goods, including mobile overhead cranes for all types of seaworthy crate and sled packing, an extensive fleet of vehicles and connection options for reefer containers. In a nutshell: The specialist staff at Project & Packaging Solutions know how to get your out of gauge cargo safely to its destination!
Import services
Export services

Import services

We have been your partner for unloading import containers at the Port of Hamburg since 1996 – handling full or less than full containers and especially cargo that does not adhere to standard dimensions. Our services include the following:
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Unloading import containers

Once your cargo has arrived safely at the port, the Project & Packaging Solutions team takes over the next steps. We use a large fleet of vehicles, including a 33-tonne front loader and reach stacker, to proceed rapidly with unloading the goods on the ground.
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Intermediate storage of imported goods

Our 30,000 m² of space enables us to place all kinds of goods in intermediate storage, from general cargo to special machines. Our entire company complex, including the halls, is protected from unauthorised access by admission control systems, CC-TV and remote monitoring. Containers with perishable goods can be kept cool thanks to our three reefer connections.
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Truck loads

It goes without saying that we also prepare your goods for further transport. We also load up special consignments for safe transport if your goods exceed the standard dimensions of 40 feet. In addition, our complex on Schilfstrasse has its own rail connection to load your goods onto trains.
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Customs clearance

Correct customs clearance is absolutely imperative, especially when importing goods from outside the EU. Aside from ISO:9001 certification, we have a type C bonded warehouse on our premises. This allows PPS to operate as an authorised consignee with connection to the ATLAS system. Our staff takes charge of correct clearance so that your freight can be prepared for outbound transport as quickly as possible.

You can rely on PPS!

Our team has decades of experience in the import of out of gauge cargo – we complete your orders systematically and with due attention to detail.
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Export services

Project shipments are challenging even for experienced forwarders, as complex circumstances and non-standard dimensions can complicate the transport process. PPS supports you with the following services:
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Truck unloading

Speed, diligence and organisation – coupled with extensive know how – are among the cardinal virtues when handling incoming trucks with sea freight. Our experienced PPS team plans the processes down to the last detail every day, but can always respond to unforeseen events as well.
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Intermediate storage

From strict security measures, large towed roofs to protect stored goods from the elements to smart storage systems, we have the necessary tools to place your cargo in intermediate storage – according to your wishes and our quality criteria. In doing so, we are happy to address the individual needs and requirements of our customers.
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Loading export containers

We know no upper limit for loading out of gauge shipments – we handle any cargo, from steel pipes to special machinery! Our forklifts and reach stackers are used to stow your goods on flats or open-top containers. Also included in our equipment are a 20- and 40-foot overhead frame as well as three reefer connections to power refrigerated containers.
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Seaworthy packing and cargo securing

We only use packaging according to ISPM 15 and the HPE standard in order to protect the safety of persons and the goods themselves. In doing so, we draw on mobile overhead cranes with a carrying capacity of 30 tonnes to prepare all kinds of goods for dispatch.

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Customs clearance

Full compliance with customs and tax law is absolutely imperative before your consignment can leave the Port of Hamburg. Our type C bonded warehouse is used for the exclusive storage of our customers’ goods with strict recording of all deliveries and retrievals. PPS takes charge of proper customs clearance prior to export.

Full service for cargo handling

From loading personal vehicles to the export of oversized steel girders – PPS is your partner for the special fields of out of gauge cargo and project shipments at the Port of Hamburg.
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Our FAQ for container transports

The world of logistics is awash with technical terms. Some are self-explanatory, while others reflect more intricate contexts. Our FAQ provide answers to questions we often receive.

What are the distinguishing features of flat rack containers?

In general, flat rack containers will only have walls at the front and the back, but none on the sides. They enable the safe transport of particularly bulky items such as heavy machinery or special components. Additional support is provided by support posts and the floor is made of particularly resilient material.

What is an open top container?

Open top containers do not have a firm cover attached on top – they remain open at the top or are covered with a tarpaulin. These containers are also used to transport particularly bulky freight.

Aside from the shape of the goods, open top containers also come with advantages for loading, as the open-top design allows cargo to be picked up from above using a crane.

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